Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tesla Model S -the automotive game changer?

There is one electric car maker that can not be forgotten, that is Tesla Motors ticker symbol TSLA. As they are coming off from the success of their first model, the successful Roadster (the first highway legal EV sports car); they are preparing for the launch of their Model S sedan coming in 2012.

This car will push the limits of all electric cars on the road.
The "signature series model S" will boast:
-A 300 mile range
-Industry first 17" touch screen center console
-Seating for a total of 7
-0-60 in 5.6 seconds
-45 min quick charge capabilities
-More cargo room than typical sedans because the battery is built into the floor of the sedan making its center of gravity extremely low, thus increasing driving performance

Watch the video below of the Roadster and Model S side by side and you'll see how compelling the pure electric vehicles that Tesla's creating are, and you can imagine the legacy they will leave.

These are no golf carts, and no longer will Tesla be making only sporty millionaire toys. The model S has the potential to be a middle class transportation game changer. The model S has a very sleek design with, smooth streamlined curves, and thoughtful contours. In other words this sedan has some serious sex appeal. Not only is it a great design, but it will have the best range of all electric vehicles and even out last some gasoline cars on miles/refueling.

Its design comes from the direction of Franz Von Holzhausen who came from Mazda and Volkswagen. This designer reminds me of a similar very successful designer of a billion dollar company. Watch the following short clip and figure out who:

Now watch this video and use some imagination but think about the similarities:

Now that is just a taste of Jony Ive lead designer for Apple's iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone products. Although Ive is still with Apple, Von Holzhausen bears a striking similarity in the way they both portray their vision of the product design. Tesla has often been compared as the Apple of the auto industry and from a design and innovation perspective it looks as if it might have a chance.

They have also hired George Blankenship former Apple executive in charge of Telsa's retail strategy. Also they have recently hired John Hillegass for design and retail development who also formerly worked for Apple and Pixar (another steve jobs influenced company). Interesting picture forming here around Tesla and the people it chooses to hire.



  1. Good write up. Another individual has made the Tesla/Apple comparison in an article on Seeking Alpha.
    I did my own little blog about Tesla as well:

  2. Thank you JP. I am reading your blog right now. It seems we both may have a similar enthusiasm for electric vehicles. I find following their developments fascinating and exciting. I live very close to Tesla's new factory in california and their new flag ship store just opened on Santana Row down here, the customer experience is very much like an APPLE store.

    I look forward to reading your future blogs!

  3. I'm a HUGE Model S fan. I want done in the worst way, but reality is they likely won;t make their way north to where I live for a good long time. Maybe I'll move closer to Tesla-land. Anyway, here in Alberta, if you drive an electric car, you're actually burning coal. That's where most of the electric generation comes from - or natural gas. There's still very little wind generation and I don't think any solar generation at all. My Model S lust is based mostly on the appearance and expected performance of the car.

  4. Great to hear your comments Rob. I think that the model S will make it up to Alberta sooner than later. Some of the promotional Roadster photos show it driving through the snow to a ski resort, and I have heard of people in Scandinavia owning them.

    I too am an ardent fan of the appearance and performance of the model S. Have you seen the footage of the model S being trailed by a BMW Z4, my friends shot this footage when they came across a Alpha test model in the hills.

    Talk to ya later. and thanks for sharing your thoughts!